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We have had a passion for growing plants hydroponically for over 25 yrs. all the while being serial entrepreneurs, that passion and drive has led us to create Hydrophyll Systems Inc. Knowing that to grow plants at their full potential, the entire plant anatomy must be addressed and placed in its proper environment.  Half of a plant is above ground, and the other half is below ground.  Hydrophyll has created systems to separate these two environments to provide conditions where plants with proper support will thrive to their utmost potential. Team Hydrophyll is here to help you build and create profitable farms by reducing operational costs and expenses.  If you’re tired of wasting money on costly consumables and labour, then give us a call.  We’re here to help make farms more profitable and efficient.

Who We Are

hydrophyll hydroponic grow system with large healthy plants growing through it


Cultivating a Thriving Agricultural Ecosystem: Our vision is to foster a thriving agricultural ecosystem where every grower, regardless of size, achieves success. Hydrophyll Systems Inc. sees a future where our solutions are integral to reducing waste and increasing profits. We aim to be a driving force behind the prosperity of farms worldwide.

large plant grown in hydrophyll hydroponic grow system


Empowering Growers, Nurturing Prosperity: Our mission at Hydrophyll Systems Inc. is to empower growers by providing innovative solutions that address the entire plant anatomy. We are committed to creating efficient environments where plants thrive to their fullest potential. We strive to reduce operational costs and expenses, enabling farms to become more profitable and sustainable.

plants growing in hydrophyll ez net system

Our Team

Jesse Ewing

CEO & Co-Founder

Greg Kreutz

VP Financial Management & Co-Founder

Beth Gallup

Business Advisor

Hesam Ghanbari

MBA, Marketing & Sales Manager

Simi Karwal

Data Analyst

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