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hydrophyll hydroponic cloner withdrawers open

Hydroponic growing systems for future-thinking growers

Bigger, faster, healthier propagation

grow systems

Eliminate consumables such as rockwool cubes, disposable netting, and drip tubing with our no-medium, no-spray nozzles, and hybrid-ponic systems.

healthy cannabis plants in hydrophyll system
top and bottom view of plants in cloner with long white healthy roots

Maximize your grow space

Each Clone Master unit carries 756 plants, replacing wasteful domes and disposable trays. Our Vertical Veg System fits 200 veg plants in 12.5 square feet, allowing you to grow and sell more.

Less labour,

more results

Our tools combine NFT, ebb and flow, and aeroponics all in one system! Plus, with a fully automated system, you take back wasted time manually watering, and replacing disposable parts.

long white roots shown on healthy plant

Clone Master

Vertical Veg System

The RockPot

rows of healthy, tall, full plants shown in hydroponic growing room

25 years of building hydroponic systems has brought us to Hydrophyll. We're poised for the future of indoor growing. Are you?

Enter the future of hydroponics

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