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RockPot designed by Hydrophyll Systems is an innovation in indoor farming

Indoor Farming and RockPot:

Indoor farming has been revolutionized by the advent of hydroponic systems, which offer a multitude of advantages such as optimized nutrient absorption, water efficiency, space optimization, and year-round production. One such product that stands out in this domain is the RockPot by Hydrophyll Systems, a unique hydroponic growing system that enhances the indoor farming experience.

The RockPot design provides easy access to plant roots for indoor farming, making monitoring the plant's situation a breeze. This innovative skeletal design allows for maximum oxygen interaction with the root system, facilitating more efficient water and nutrient uptake. As a result, roots raised in RockPot burn through glucose, accelerate photosynthesis, and shift plant growth into high gear. This means that plants grown in RockPot are not just surviving, they are thriving.

One of the unique features of RockPot is its ability to control irrigation effectively. The open design of the RockPot works seamlessly with sensor-based systems, giving growers ultimate control over the irrigation process. This feature is particularly beneficial for indoor farmers as it allows for on-demand irrigation, making the process effortless and transparent.

Another advantage of the RockPot is its ability to eliminate the growth of algae in all stages of production. Algae photosynthesis can cause fluctuations in PH levels, which can be detrimental to plant growth. However, the RockPot has been designed to prevent this, thereby eliminating the need for constant PH level monitoring.

The RockPot also promotes better oxygenation of the root system. It is fitted with feet at each corner, lifting the growing medium off the table to allow for peak drainage and oxygenation. This feature, coupled with the RockPot's ability to accommodate multiple rock-wool cube scenarios, makes it a versatile tool for indoor farming.

Moreover, the RockPot is designed to integrate seamlessly into your growing space. It features side ports that allow for dripper lines to feed the medium without interfering with the protective foam topper. This ensures a clean, organized grow space, which is crucial for efficient indoor farming.


The RockPot by Hydrophyll Systems offers a multitude of benefits for indoor farmers. Its unique design and features not only make the farming process easier but also enhance plant growth by ensuring efficient water and nutrient uptake. Whether you're a seasoned indoor farmer or just starting out, the RockPot is a tool that can significantly enhance your indoor farming experience.

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